BMCS doctoral program

The Brain, Mind & Computer Science (BMCS) doctoral program was organized from scratch by the HIT research centre, and reflects its spirit.

It rests on the assumption that the ability to work in groups with people of different background is now a fundamental condition to produce scientific excellence and to develop innovative skills that can be spent on the market. We believe that this ability should be strongly supported already during research training. BMCS graduate program is then highly oriented to endorse cross-fertilization between between cognitive neuroscience, computer science and social science in an interdisciplinarity approach that is warranted by the genuine interdisciplinarity of the faculty running this program. Examples of similar interdisciplinary PhD programs are the "Mind, Brain and Computation" Centre at Stanford and the PhD in "Behavioral and Social Neuroscience" of the California Institute of Technology.

PhD candidates enrolled in this course have the possibility collaborate and learn from other relevant disciplines to explore liminal areas where humans interface with technologies. They can also participate in the international research activities of the faculty members and to use a large network of facilities. All training is carried out in English.

BM&CS brochure in English and Mandarin