Teaching offer

The BMCS doctoral program emphasizes interdisciplinarity to create doctors who can collaborate in teams with psychologists and computer scientists understanding each other. The teaching offer is meant to provide the conditions for such capability to emerge; its courses explain the current advances in core branches of both disciplines and are accessible regardless of the students' background. Courses on transversal skills, ethics, entrepreneurship, resources to improve mastery of the English language, and basic and advanced computer programming are also included.

During the first year, enrolled graduate students have classes organized into an interdisciplinary curriculum and start developing the structure and preparatory work for their projects. Starting from the second year, the students focus on their project and spend at least three months outside Italy carrying out their doctoral project. The following learning obligations synthesize this path:

By the second year,
1. Passing the 7 BMCS mandatory courses
2. Attending at least 150 BMCS class hours, including the mandatory courses

By the third year,
3. Spending at least 3 months in a research institution outside Italy for their Ph.D. project
4. Achieving a C-level in English

 The program provides means and resources to help Ph.D. students to fulfill all those obligations.

The student's learning activities and their project status are assessed at least yearly by the Research and Teaching Committees.
More detailed information about the teaching offer and the program's organization is provided to all newly enrolled students in a welcome seminar and in the other sections of this website.