Admission to the BMCS doctoral program is by application to a call posted on this page or by applying in one's own country for a full doctoral fellowship.

Candidates are now considered for admission to the 38th series of the program, whose courses will start in October 2022. A further call for that series is expected to be posted in October, with activities starting exceptionally in February 2023.

(Doctoral students who are already enrolled in a doctoral program outside Italy and interested in visiting BMCS for a limited period can use a dedicated submission platform)

DEADLINE AUGUST 4, 2022 AT 13:00 CEST (expired)
5 fully granted positions are available
Link to call details and application instructions: here (in Italian) or here (in English)

The scholarships related to this doctoral program concern the binding projects described on p. 6 to 9 of the call appendix

The applicant's final ranking resulting from the selection by the committee is published at this link on September 14th, 2022


DEADLINE MAY 13, 2022 AT 13:00 CEST (expired)
12 fully granted positions are available
Application platform:

Reference documents
- Description of the positions available, selection schedule and specific application instructions for the BMCS doctoral program (in English)/(in Italian)

- General call with information for all doctoral courses, including eligibility criteria and application procedure (in English)/(in Italian)
- Technical guidelines for the use of the application platform (in English) (in Italian)

- Project description: Please prepare the project description making sure that it is 2000 words long and that it contains the following sections: Research project title, the background of your work based on an updated state of the art in the domain of your research project, project overall goal, expected advances to the discipline, expected impact or outcomes, research plan (main phases of the planned work, expected duration, dependence relation between phases), interdisciplinary aspects of the project, references

- Please prepare your CV possibly according to this template (Europass). In any case, follow a chronological order within each section of your curriculum, starting from the most recent item backward. For instance, within the section 'Education' start with the most recent academic degree you have obtained.

13 May 2022 13:00 CEST: application deadline 

18 May 2022 13:00 CEST: deadline for the candidates' referees to insert their recommendation letters

07 June 2022: preselection outcome (HERE ERRATA CORRIGE) and interview schedule (HERE ERRATA CORRIGE) of successful candidates, published on the present page; to open the files, the candidate will need the password received at the time of the application.

09 June 2022: starting day of the interviews
; interview outcome (this is not the final ranking but only the grades assigned after the interview); to open the file, the candidate will need the password received at the time of the application.
01 July 2022: candidates' ranking and information about the enrolment procedure are published here Notice: Pending the accreditation results in compliance with art 1 of the call for admission, the publication of the final rankings is postponed to next week.
26 July 2022: enrolment deadline for successful candidates

26 August 2022: publication of a list of replacement candidates here

1 September 2022: enrolment deadline for replacement candidates

6 September 2022: publication of any remaining vacant place here
9 September 2022: application deadline for remaining vacant places

16 September 2022: enrolment deadline for remaining vacant places
30 September 2022: closure of enrollment in any further remaining vacant place

01 October 2022: start of the doctoral program

CALL for two MSCA doctoral positions (UniPhD)
DEADLINE 8 March 2022, at 1 p.m. CET (expired)

Prearranged research options for the Computer science and innovation for societal challenge curriculum
Prearranged research options for the Neuroscience, technology and society curriculum
However, candidates can submit projects not included in the prearranged options above

DEADLINE January 13, 2022
2 positions available with grants from the China Scholarship Council
Application information: