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HIT featured talk: Olivia Morgan Lapenta

Olivia Morgan Lapenta (PhD student at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, and visiting researcher at IIT in Genova) will give a talk on Februrary 9th at 14:30 in the seminar room n.1 at the Dept. of General Psychology, via Venezia 8. The topic of the talk will be: 

Modulating Multisensory Integration and Mirror-Neurons related cognitive processing with tDCS.

More info and an abstract of the talk are available here.



HIT researchers receive Smart Community Prize

The Smart Community Prize at SMAU 2015 in Padova was granted on April 2 2015 to the european project CultAR, developing augmented reality solutions to improve the experience of urban cultural heritage. The award was received by Luciano gamberini and shared with his team involved in the project (Anna Spagnolli, Valeria Orso, Alessandro Privitera). Below is a picture of the award cerimony in Padua.A video of the event is available from The same research group was also recently finalist for the Smart Community Prize at SMAU 2015 in Milan in October 2015.A video of the Milan award cerimony is available here.


Open Positions

BANDO DI SELEZIONE -10 October 2015

E’ indetta una selezione per il conferimento di n. 1 assegno per lo svolgimento di attività di ricerca nell’ambito del progetto dal titolo: “MindSee. Symbiotic mind-computer interaction for information seeking” da svolgersi presso il Centro Interdipartimentale Human Inspired Technologies Research Centre-Hit, sotto la supervisione del Prof. Luciano Gamberini, in qualità di responsabile scientifico del progetto di ricerca.Il testo del bando è scaricabile qui