Foundations of cognitive neuroscience

Konstantinos Priftis, Andrea Facoetti
Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale
konstantinos.priftis[at], andrea.facoetti[at]

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the topic of Cognitive and developmental neurosciences. An initial definition of the field will be followed by a short journey in the domain of Neuropsychology, defined as the study of the effects of brain lesions on human mental processes and behavior. Neuroplasticity characterizes not only the developmental brain in children, but also developed brain in adults. Experience change functions and structures of the brain, and learning to read is a good example. Domain-general neurocognitive functions, such as attention and perception are crucial to develop efficient phonological and orthographic representations.

1. Brief introduction to Cognitive neurosciences
2. Definition of Neuropsychology
3. Branches of Neuropsychology
4. Neuropsychology and other disciplines
5. Examples of neuropsychological disorders
6. Gene and brain development
7. The role of experience on functions and structures of the brain
8. Neurodevelopmental disorders
9. Specific learning disabilities: Using video games for dyslexia identification, remediation and prevention

Course requirements

Examination modality
Students will read and report two scientific papers selected in agreement with both teachers

Schedule (tentative)
5 Feb, 15:00-17:30
6 Feb, 10:00-12:30
12 Feb, 10:00-12:30
13 Feb, 10:00-12:30

Meeting room of HIT centre, via Luzzatti 4

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