Stefano Cecconello

Computer Science for societal challenges and innovation, XXXIV series
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Mauro Conti
Giuseppe Sartori

Project description
Over the last ten years, mobile communications greatly evolved. Along this process, the evolution of 5G is driven by additional key factors and use case, taking into account not only people and society needs, but also the needs of industrial partners. This lead the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) to strengthen the focus on security and privacy, and in particular on the following new security-relevant driving use cases and areas:
- MIoT (Massive Internet of Things). 5G plans to extend their connectivity capabilities to a (potentially massive) amount of IoT devices.
- V2X (Vehicular to Everything). The 5G roadmap includes adding support to V2X, i.e., for vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and vehicle-to-pedestrian communication.
- Network Slicing. The 5G design will use new technologies for network virtualization, in order to “slice” the network according to potential offered services, and/or types of traffic.
My project will start from my ongoing research project at the University of Padua, which analyzes threats to the availability of current 4G/LTE networks; this work studies new ways of mounting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, leveraging specific features of 4G/LTE roaming. The goal of my work is to create awareness on potentially disrupting threats, and design suitable countermeasures.