SIAF - Smart Integration of Appliances for High Quality and Sustainable Food Processing

The SIAF project will turn the professional kitchen into a smart and connected environment with a positive impact on the standardization of food quality, sustainability, maintenance, and quality of work.
The professional kitchen is a hectic place, where many professionals need to carefully coordinate their work to produce high-quality food. The introduction of advanced machines can relieve chefs at least from some of their tasks. The goal of the SIAF project is to optimize the processes of food preparation and preservation by connecting professional kitchen appliances, namely the oven, the blast chiller and the vacuum packing machine.
The networked system will support the chefs in their everyday work and will also enable innovative methods for the predictive maintenance of the appliances.The SIAF consortium includes both academic and industrials partners, who are committed to join their effort to develop advanced appliances.The appliance prototypes that will be implemented during the project will exchange operating data in Cloud, following a specific protocol, that will be one of the project outcomes.
Such data will be available to the stakeholders involved in the process (e.g., chefs, technicians) through a dedicated mobile app.
The SIAF app will be designed following a user-centric approach, directly involving target users, thereby making the chefs the true key players.
The app will enable the chefs not only to consult operating data, but it will also allow to monitor and control the machine remotely. Moreover, a ‘Virtual Chef’ will be embedded in the app, which is an interactive digital recipe collection that the chef can customize.
The system developed by the project will be evaluated in the field with target users, i.e., chefs, to ensure high usability standards.
Thanks to these cutting-edge tools, chefs can work in a smart context that not only optimizes the utilization of energy resources in a perspective of sustainable development, but also provides important support for foods preparation.
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Detailed project information
Project Start Date: 7th November 2017
Project End Date: 6th November 2020
Project Duration: 3 years
Project Coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Sperduti
HIT Principal Investigator: Prof. Alessandro Sperduti
HIT Members and Staff: Prof. Luciano Gamberini, Valeria Orso, Riccardo Minato,
Ludovica Salvi Bentivoglio, Nicolò Navarin
Call (part) identifier:  POR-FESR 
Total Project Funding: 3.490.953,57 (1.259.375,00) €
Partners: PIRON s.r.l., ORVED s.p.a., Coldline s.r.l. and Simnumerica s.r.l, HIT Centre, the Department of Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animals and Environment (DAFNAE – University of Padova)

Official Website: SIAF Project



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