The SHIP project aims to develop equipment and technologies for urban parks to encourage the implementation of environmental, social, and cultural sustainability practices.

Urban parks have always been places to meet and relax that promote collective and recreational activities. However, these areas are often designed and realized without considering the needs of all users, especially people with special needs.

To fill this gap, the SHIP project aims to realize a path in an urban natural area that meets the needs of all citizens, such as users with different levels of the motor, cognitive, and sensory disabilities, but also enjoyable and pleasant for their companions and other users. 

The SHIP project is characterized by a multidisciplinary consortium of partners that include experts in HCI, biomedical and sport science, architecture, daycare centre for older adults and individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, several companies are involved in realizing urban furniture with aesthetic value and sustainable materials. 

SHIP adopts a participatory design approach. Stakeholders and end users (e.g., users with disabilities, elderly, and their caregivers) are involved in the design and development process to understand their specific requirements, needs, and expectations related to accessible and inclusive artefacts (e.g., focus group sessions). Furthermore, the end users will participate in the evaluation phases by testing and providing feedback on early prototypes, with a particular focus on user experience and accessibility. Following an iterative approach, users’ feedback will help the SHIP consortium to improve the prototypes. 

The equipment and technologies that will be installed in the selected park will be highly accessible and inclusive so that all the citizens (i.e., with or without disabilities and different ages) will have the opportunity to share them, promoting mental and physical well-being.

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Detailed Project Information
Project Start Date: 3rd August 2019
Project Duration: 18 months
Project Coordinator:  Prof. Luciano Gamberini, Dott. Terenzio Zanini
HIT Members and Staff:  Patrik Pluchino, Valeria Orso, Alice Bettelli
Call (part) identifier: POR-FESR 
Total Project Funding: 458.577,70 €
Partners: Fondazione Fenice, Coop Services, My Wood, In Concerto, Euroveneta

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