Due to the Industry 4.0 revolution companies are moving towards the digitalization of the manufacturing process integrating into the production chain smart devices able to monitor and supervise the operations. If on one hand, this revolution is changing the industrial paradigm, on the other hand, the integration of the Internet in the Industry site opens new vulnerability surfaces.In this scenario the UWP 3.0 smart device proposed by Carlo Gavazzi Controls S.p.a. is designed for companies and individuals who need energy efficiency management, Building Automation, and parking management. Among the main applications of UWP 3.0 we can find:

•  Monitoring of energy control systems in order to verify the status and improve the management of energy efficiency;
• Registration, display, and transmission of information;
• Definition of logical functions, reaction to anomalous conditions and control actuators;
• Installation and management of functions for Building Automation, Lighting Control, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and Parking Guide systems;
• Remote control of the smart devices connected to the system from a mobile app;

This project aims to perform a security assessment of the current state of implementation of the UWP 3.0 device in order to identify potential security vulnerabilities both from the hardware and software point of view. 
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Detailed Project Information
Principal Investigator: Mauro Conti 
Project Start Date: 25 November 2019 
Project Duration: 2 years
Sponsor: Carlo Gavazzi Controls S.p.A., Padova
Project Number: 19-R033
Grant: 40.000€ 
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