Scalable IoT Management and Key Security Aspects in 5G Systems

V2X communication is rapidly evolving with the advancement in Intelligent Transport Systems and plays a significant role in the operation of such systems. The impact of Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication in our society is conceived to be huge, considering the number of vehicles plying on the roads. V2X communication is prone to security threats that mandate quick and effective remedies.
 This project in general aims at focusing on reliable communication in V2X and also finding countermeasures for securing data fusion in V2X communication. The objective is to find an efficient and robust data fusion technique for V2X communication capable of thwarting existing threats that can be in the form of attacks. The goal is to allow energy efficient and secure data fusion techniques for entities involved in V2X communication.
The project target is to: (a) investigate the problem area, identify issues and challenges and analyze existing problems for securing reliable communication in V2X, and (b) explore them in an intense manner and devise possible solutions, specifically for reliable data fusion in V2X.
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Detailed Project Information
Principal Investigator: Mauro Conti 
Project Start Date: December 2016
Project Duration: 12 months
Sponsor: INTEL Corp., USA
Project Number: N/A
Grant: 25.000€
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