Salah Eddine Merzougui

      Ritratto di Salah Eddine Mezougui

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXVI series 

Grant sponsor
Athonet SRL, PON

Claudio Palazzi 



Project description
The urgency of decreasing the negative impact of vehicular transportation on the environment calls for innovative approaches to manage vehicles’ routes based on i) traffic conditions, ii) live restrictions from road operators/authorities, and iii) the capabilities of the vehicle (e.g., assuming a hybrid powertrain). Traffic optimization depends on the possibility to gather and treat information simultaneously from all vehicles in a region of interest. A crucial role is played by the mobile network, which provides ubiquitous long-range connectivity to vehicles. The goal of this project is to combine 5G and vehicular networking while (and with the purpose of) reducing the impact on the environment and promoting sustainable development.