Detailed project information
       Title: Safe Place
       Project Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini 
       HIT Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini 

The Safeplace project was created to increase the safety of individuals in their daily spaces in emergency health conditions.
In this case, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies represent the best solution. Infact, IoT tools facilitate monitoring of shared spaces and collect informations about the presence of people without being perceived as invasive for privacy.

Safeplace has two main objectives: to create and develop an integrated IoT system that ensures the security of shared living spaces and to create a mobile application to support people in forced isolation.
Both will be characterized by a human-centric design approach of technologies.
The Iot system will include a heterogeneous network of sensors that, based on machine learning algorithms for detection and classification, will be able to detect different data from the environments in which they will be installed. These technologies will provide information on the presence of people, potential gatherings and the use of personal protective equipment. 

In addition, the system will allow, in absence of users, to decontaminate environments to eliminate potential pathogens through bipolar ions or UV light, filtration and air exchange.

Furthermore, the Safe Talk application aims to create accessible and easily usable software to allow people in isolation to be able to maintain their important relationships.

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