Rabbani Md Masoom

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXII series
Grant sponsor
Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Mauro Conti
Silvio Ranise, Anna Spagnolli


Project: Remote Attestation for Secure Internet of Things.
Full text of the dissertation book can be downloaded from:

Abstract: The Internet of things (IoT) are increasingly exposed to a wide range of security threats. Despite the enormous opportunities that IoT world offers, IoT devices are prone to many cyberattacks. One effective security mechanism to identify malicious entities in an IoT system is Remote Attestation. Remote Attestation is an interactive protocol that allows a remote trusted Verifier to assess the integrity of an untrusted device by typically checking whether the received measurement conforms to an expected legitimate configuration. In this thesis, we provide a four-fold contribution, (1) we review working mechanisms of state-of-the-art Collective Remote Attestation (CRA) techniques 2) we address the problem of device mobility during attestation and asynchronous attestation of IoT services, (3) we propose a novel configurable-hardware enabled remote attestation techniques for low-end embedded devices, and, (4) we show how remote attestation can be employed to provide security and safe operation to other traditional applications.