Patrik Pluchino

Name and surname

Patrik Pluchino

Human Inspired Technology Research Centre
Via Luzzatti, 4 - 35121 Padova, Italy.

Tel. +39 049 827 5796

Mail. patrik.pluchino[at]

Research interests

Investigations on attention functions and limitations in the temporal domain (i.e. attentional blink, psychological refractory period, and visual masking) in human adults evaluating behavioral (i.e. accuracy and response time), cognitive electrophysiology (i.e. event-related potentials; ERPs) and functional near-infrared spectroscopy data.
Analyses of texts, pictures, and charts processing in the context of multimedia learning utilizing several eye-tracking indices (i.e. first- and second-pass fixations duration, transitions and look-from fixations between graphical and textual parts; online measures), performance outcomes (multiple-choice and open-ended questions; offline measures), and correlations among them in primary and secondary school as well as in undergraduate students.
Evaluation of attention allocation and cheating utilizing the eye-tracking methodology (i.e. duration and number of fixations).
Assessments of cognitive workload and visuo-spatial attention through performance measures (i.e. response accuracy and reaction time), cognitive (i.e. EEG and ERPs) and physiological indices (i.e. fixations, saccades, blinks, maximal dilation and its temporal latency, electro-dermal activity, and facial electromyography) in semantic categorization tasks and in the use of novel interfaces for information retrieval that aim to foster human-computer symbiosis. Moreover, when appropriate, the evaluation pertains also subjective measures (i.e. questionnaires).

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