Padoan Tommaso

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXII series
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Paolo Baldan
Sara Mondini

Project description
Errors in software systems can have consequences ranging from the merely unpleasant to the catastrophic. In order to guarantee the correctness of a system, suitable methods are required for verifying various types of properties. Furthermore, the spread of the internet and the use of multiprocessor systems is having a profound influence on the evolution of software systems, making concurrency an essential ingredient. In the more complex scenario of reactive systems, the need emerges for formal and efficient techniques that allow to check properties about the interactions and parallel computations of such systems. The aim of my research project is to contribute to the development of techniques for the analysis and the verification of concurrent and distributed systems. More specifically resorting to models and specification languages based on the so-called true concurrent approach, which capture faithfully the concurrent features of computations.