Nada Salah Mahmoud Osman

Ritratto Davide Bacchin

Computer Science for Societal Challenges and Innovation, XXXVI series
Grant sponsor

Dipartimento di Matematica, UNIPD

Lamberto Ballan
Alberto Testolin

Project description
Autonomous driving is the next era in smart cities. However, it requires the autonomous car to reach human-intelligence in analyzing the road scenes. The current advances in computational intelligence and learning, in addition to the increasing availability of road imaging datasets and simulators, are both motivating this research project. The project aims to adapt such advances in enhancing the cognitive ability of cars to analyze driving scenes: Extracting the existing objects (vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights, etc.), predicting their upcoming behaviors (a vehicle will stop, a pedestrian will cross the street, etc.), and taking the correct action based on the analyzed state.