Muhammad Hassan Raza, Khan

Name and Surname 

Muhammad Hassan Raza, Khan

Project description

Title: Secure and Efficient Mobile-user Authentication in Future Internet
My research aims with SDN and CCN related studies to integrate them in advanced mobile networks for efficient and secure authentication in mobility management. Rapid growth in end-user and broadband wireless connections increased number of challenges in network management. Frequent handovers and authentication processes in 5G small cells and heterogeneous networks bring new challenges in latency requirements. My work focuses to minimize latency in developing pre-authentication techniques in heterogeneous networks. We are trying to develop mechanism for Sharing attributes of end-users prior to neighboring access points, focusing security measures e.g. denial of service and replay type attacks before actual execution. In addressing these challenges, my research focus in providing SDN and CCN enabled authentication handover and privacy protection system.

Supervisor Name 

Prof. Mauro Conti
Co-supervisor Name 



Department of Mathematics, University of Padua Via Trieste, 63 - 35131, Padua, Italy 
Phone: 00393427054564


M. Conti, A. Compagno and M. Hassan " ICN-based Authentication Protocol for a Simplified LTE Architecture" In IEEE ICC2017 Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium 21-25 May 2017, Paris, France.

Title of Mater Thesis

Investigate solutions for intrusion prevention and detection 

Reaserch Interests

Network security, CCN, SDN