Montemurro Sonia

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXII series
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Sara Mondini
Ombretta Gaggi

Project description
The investigation of pragmatic aspects of language and nonverbal communication leads to understand how linguistic codes achieve communicative goals. Pragmatics refer to the relation between an utterance and its context. Metaphors, irony and figurative language well exemplify such mechanisms, in which the speaker integrate contextual information (including beliefs and intentions), to reach the intended meaning. In the phrase: "He's as nice as a lion to his prey" it is necessary to go beyond the literal meaning to grasp the sense of the phrase.
In some clinical population (e.g., in schizophrenia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) pragmatic can be impaired. A series of studies has been focusing on the importance to consider pragmatic skills in neuropsychological assessments. The first aim of the present project is to investigate such skills in Parkinson's Disease by using both Italian assessment tools and video-analysis, to intercept and measure the several behavioural outcomes co-occurring during neuropsychological assessment of pragmatics.

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