When traveling for work within your PhD program, your travels are technically called 'missions' and need to be approved beforehand. The authorization form can be downloaded here.  The module is split in two parts, the mission authorization and the refund application.


The form must be filled in, accompanied by a brochure/printed webpage of the event (in case the mission is the participation to a scientific event) signed by your supervisor, and handed to dr Vittorio Principe (based in via Venezia 8 - Ground Floor Room 019) before starting the travel, in order for the mission to be timely authorized. It is of the highest importance that the mission is agreed upon with your supervisor and that a clear decision is made with him/her regarding the funds to be used to cover the mission expenses (transportation, housing, meals, registration, ...). The name of such funds has also to be stated clearly in the mission form. Missions longer than 30 days need to be approved by the BMCS Board, so their authorization needs to be asked for well in advance. The administration office will then have your form considered and signed by BMCS Director and Dept of General Psychology director, and will keep it at your disposal in Dr Principe's office.


In case you have selected the BMCS Operating Fund to cover your expenses, once the mission has been completed you can use the same form - properly filled in - in order to apply for expense refunding. In this case, the form must be completed, the fiscal receipts documenting the expenses need to be enclosed and the whole documentation needs to be handed to Dr. Simonetta Cipriani the Department of General Psychology via Venezia 8, Padova- Ground Floor Room 019.

Please be advised that if receipts are issued in a form that is not suitable for refund application, you will not get your money back; thus, be sure to be informed before the purchase about the format they need to have by asking to the administration office managing the funds (your supervisor will provide instructions about that). Usually, according to the University mission regulation, eligible expenses for doctoral students are transportation, lodging, visa and meals; if it is a scientific event, the registration to the event is also an eligible expense. In order to have the expense refunded, the receipts need to include date, amount, currency, type of expense. The original receipt must be included, not a copy. Personal tickets must also include your name (e.g., plane tickets, conference registrations,...) Plane tickets must be also accompanied by boarding cards. Taxi is difficult to refund, you need a convincing explanation; public transportation is preferable.

Additionally, some expenses are not refunded if they exceed a given amount. Here is the list: Train : 2nd class only Plane : Economic class only Hotel: € 130,00 per day Meals: Missions lasting 4 to 8 hours: € 50,00 a day Missions lasting longer than 8 hours: € 100,00 a day. 

In case your mission or travel is longer than 20 days, consider instead applying for a 50% increase of your monthly grant.

Other rules might apply to different sources of funding. If you have doubts, please ask for clarifications beforehand to the administration office managing the funds.


The individual fund each doctoral student is endowed with covers only a certain type of expenses: missions and course fees. For mission refunds, see above. For course refund (in case you are planning to take any school/seminar/class that requires a fee) please get in touch before the payment to the administration office, to make sure that it is eligibile for refunds. Purchase of equipment is not covered by individual doctoral students funds. 


Health assistance is not covered by UNIPD. Within the UE, it is covered by the TEAM card. Outside the EU it is recommended to buy an insurance to cover health assistance during the mission period.