Merylin Monaro

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXX series
Grant sponsor

Giuseppe Sartori

Mauro Conti, Luciano Gamberini

Project Description
My project deals with the study of cognitive processes and human behavior relating new technologies, with several applications in the field of security systems. The title of my main research project is "Deception in social media". The project consists in designing a lie-detection tool to covert detection of deception in social media. The focal points are Identity Detection and Deception Detection. To detect identity and deception we use implicit measures arising from the interaction between the user and the device that he is using: keystroke dynamics, mouse tracking and psychophysiological measures, including the use of BCI devices.
Furthermore I focus on human-computer interaction in order to apply technologies to study and to enhance cognitive skills. Specifically, I deal with cybertherapy and neuropsychological rehabilitation using new technologies, as the applications of virtual reality in assessment and treatment of neuropsychological diseases or for enhancing cognitive abilities in healthy subjects.