Matteo Cardaioli

Computer Science for societal challenges and innovation, XXXIV series
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Mauro Conti

Giuseppe Sartori

Project description
The financial sector represents a playground for disruptive innovation as part of the emerging FinTech (Financial Technology) movement. Thousands of solution providers and integrators are nowadays active in the development and deployment of novel FinTech solutions in areas such as consumer and business lending, retail investments, equity financing, POS payments, Peer-to-Peer payments and more, Security (notably cyber-security) represents one of the major concerns for FinTech innovators, who are seeking novel security approaches that can deal with the complexity of emerging technologies. My research activity focuses on the study and the development of new methods for analysing and detecting patterns of suspicious behaviors, new authentication procedures to detect and mitigate identity fraud and on the implementation of the so called “predictive security” of critical financial infrastructures.