MatLab PsychToolBox

Luca Battaglini
University of Padova, Department of General Psychology

Learning how to write a script for running experiment in the behavioral sciences is fundamental during a doctoral program because allow students to grow up independent and speed-up data collection. This course aims to cover the basic of programming Matlab using the Psychophysics Toolbox functions. In details, the course will cover how to control the screen, how to create and present visual stimuli, including shapes, text, animations and how to present sounds. Finally, the course will cover how to collect keyboard response with precise timing measurement.

- Basic operation in Matlab
- Plot data
- Control screen with psychtoolbox
- Draw and display visual and auditory stimuli
- Collect reaction time
- Put it all together: writing a script for an experiment in behavioral science.

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19 Nov, 10:30-16:30 (with lunch break)
20 Nov,   9:30-13:30 (with lunch break)
21 Nov,   9:30 - 11:30

Rooms 4N, via Venezia 12, Psychology Building 'PSICO 2'

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