Lorenzo Cenci

Ritratto Lorenzo Cenci

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXV series
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Gianluca Mech S.P.A.

Antonio Paoli

Alessandro Sperduti

Project: Which variables determine the keto-adaptation state? Which variables determine the keto-adaptation state?
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Abstract: Ketogenic diets are characterized by a reduction in carbohydrates and a relative increase in the proportions of proteins and fats. The first goal of the research was to identify exactly the state of adaptation to ketosis or keto-adaptation state (KAS) with some physiological tests and psychological questionnaires. We then determined the time from the beginning of a ketogenic diet to the condition of KAS and the variables that could influence this duration, such as the different percentages of carbohydrates in the various types of the ketogenic diet, the use of ketone esters, inter-individual differences (gender, obesity-overweight-normal weight or other metabolic characteristics). The final purpose, through the integration of data, is to determine variables that allow us to predict and anticipate the KAS.