Lorenza Entilli

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXIV series
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Sabrina Cipolletta
Ombretta Gaggi

Project description
My project aims to investigate the characteristics, experiences, and needs of people who have lost a close person to suicide. People undergoing this kind of bereavement, often referred to as “survivors”, suffer from significant psychological distress, guilt, stigma and isolation that can lead to complicated grief and increased suicide risk. The focus of the project will be the understanding of the characteristics of online support: how survivors seek (or do not seek) for help online, which modalities (e.g. formal or informal; online forums or live chats) are perceived to be more helpful and which tools appeal to distinctive subsets of survivors. Quantitative and qualitative data will be integrated in order to construe a comprehensive model of how different subgroups of survivors benefit from online support in bereaving. Lastly, as the existing online tools have revealed resourceful for a younger population, an online platform will be designed and tested with a small sample of young people. The results will provide useful directions for the design of interventions and, in general, contribute to the knowledge about suicide and its impact on survivors.