Li QianQian

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXX series
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Mauro Conti

Luciano Gamberini

Project Description
Title: Privacy issues for Brain-Computer Interfaces 
Brain computer interfaces (BCI) are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming and entertainment industries. There are application stores similar to the ones used for smartphones, where application developers have access to an API to collect data from the BCI devices. BCI enables a non-muscular communication between a user and an external device by measuring the brain’s activities. However, the games and applications developed by third parties are dangerous or maybe malicious. For they rely on a common API to access the devices. This API provides unrestricted access to the raw EEG signal. Furthermore, they have complete control over the stimuli that can be presented to the users. Based on this, we will aim at designing solutions that guarantee that we can protect privacy of BCI users and restrict access to information that is: not used; could allow user identification; could disclose user's private information and Games/Applications should still work.

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