Kiyana Bahadori

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXI series
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Tullio Vardanega
Anna Spagnolli

Project: Service Design in the Cloud.
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Abstract: In computer science, the notion of service is a broad term that incorporates any IT service delivered and accessible globally from the Internet. With the arrival of social networks and the pervasive entry of IT into business infrastructures, the population of (web-based) Internet service has grown large enough to turn the need, acquisition, delivery, maintenance and upgrade of computing resources into real strategic challenges. Along with the technology evolution and the growth experienced on the available information, the resource demand has been increasing in both science and engineering marketplaces. To satisfying the growth in resource demand, there have been attempting to enhance the resource-efficiency of delivered service to users, i.e., the effective utility from the available resources, before investing in additional compute resources, in an attempt to maximize their business competitiveness and return on investment of their infrastructures. Accordingly, one of the significant features that make cloud computing an attractive service-oriented architecture for competitive business is: elasticity, i.e., the ability to scale up/down the resources on-demand together with pay-per-use pricing model which eliminates the need for massive up- fronts investment in local infrastructure, a model that was not economically feasible in the era of traditional enterprise infrastructures. Therefore, the work in this thesis had the focus on improving performance and resource utilization of service in Cloud environment.