Kiyana Bahadori

Name and Surname
Kiyana Bahadori

Project description
My intent in my research project is to explore the use of service orientation development of elastic infrastructure. My motivation originate from the observation that elastic scalability has become a hot research topic in the cloud computing research community. My current focus is on PaaS infrastructure, that can fit the service orientation concept. I am also planning to evaluate the goodness for my purpose, of the research results achieved of the department of mathematic in previous activities that culminated, last year in the prototyping of PaaSSoA, a PaaS infrastructure, mergeable with the Amazon Cloud Stack, implemented in a proper service-oriented style with the Jolie programming language.

Supervisor Name
Prof. Tullio Vardanega
Co-supervisor Name
Prof.ssa Spagnolli Anna


Department of Mathematics, University of Padua Via Trieste, 63 - 35131, Padua, Italy
Phone: 3662739594

Title of Mater Thesis

Cloud Computing Isuue
Reaserch Interests
Cloud Computing, SoA, Docker
V. Baraldo , A.Zuccato,T.Vardanega.\{Reconciling Service Orientation With the Cloud}.2015 IEEE Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering .(2015)