Kaliyar Pallavi

Computer science for societal challenges and innovation, XXXIII series
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Mauro Conti
Giuseppe Sartori



Project description
In today’s world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology where many smart devices are connected through the Internet. We are moving towards an era, which is continuously permeating with the so-called “smart” devices. The network of these devices (aka IoT devices) is often resource constrained, and it works for specific tasks and mostly employed as a group in smart facilities (e.g., smart city, smart home, smart factories, gas, and oil exploration). Although IoT devices bring drastic improvements in our day to day life, they also give rise to security concerns as these tiny, low-end embedded devices are deployed in a wide range of applications (e.g., industrial control systems, smart environments, wearable devices, military applications, and agriculture,) and become an integral part of these applications which deals with mission-critical, sensitive data. Any security breach on these devices or communications among these devices can lead to catastrophic consequences for our privacy and security. Hence, to ensure the correct operation in various IoT applications, it is crucial to maintain their integrity and protect them against all possible attacks. My research is mainly focused on provisioning adequate solutions for security and communication reliability in IoT.