Gangwal Ankit

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXII series
Grant sponsor

Mauro Conti
Anna Spagnolli

Project description
My project aims to understand such novel cyber-crimes, analyze the socio-economic impact of such crimes, and finally propose solutions to identify as well as defend against such unethical deeds. In our survey, we found that the incidents related to ransomware and unethical crypto-mining are increasingly spreading. In our research project, we primarily focus on these vectors. Since crypto-currencies are network-based technologies, we also consider the role of the underlying network infrastructure. We believe that such crimes could be prevented, or at least, identified by looking at the network traffic. In particular, we focus on Software Defined Network (SDN), which is one of the most promising network architecture. It has attracted the research community, as well as the industry, where it is has been widely adopted. Our main goal is to make these future network-based technologies more reliable and secure