Francesca Talamini

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXI series
Grant sponsor

Massimo Grassi

Alessandro Sperduti

 Project description 
Literature suggests that the musical training is associated with improvements in several cognitive functions, such as memory and in particular working memory (WM). The main goal of my research project is to analyse the relationship between musical training and improved WM performance with the final objective of developing a training procedure, which exploits musical stimuli to enhance WM and processes related to WM. To this aim, firstly, the effects of the musical training on WM will be analysed by conducting a meta-analysis. The results of the meta-analysis will highlight the conditions in which musical training is associated with improved WM capacity. In a second step, the comparison between musicians and non musicians, and among musicians with different characteristics will allow to understand the specific mechanisms and processes explaining the musicians’ advantage in WM tasks. Finally, a training procedure, using musical stimuli, will be developed through new technologies and tested with individuals with WM deficits (e.g., children with learning and developmental disabilities, elderly, etc.)

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