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Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXII series
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Barbara Arfè
Ornella Mich (FBK)

Project description
Literature suggests that a lack of auditory stimulation at an early age, could provide a delay or disorder in domain-general sequencing skills, which may affect cognitive abilities related to learning, recalling, and producing sequential information. 

The general purpose of my project is to investigate linguistic information processing in children with deafness. It consists of two main phases: a basic research and an applicative training-phase. I aim to deepen the current theoretical knowledge of Sequence Learning and Working Memory processes, and examine how these abilities relate to the linguistic outcomes of deaf children. The proficiency obtained by this research will contribute to the development of a serious-game, that will serve as a training. Hopefully, this could represent an innovative starting point for new therapies addressed to all those children who are showing difficulties in sequence processing, such as children with deafness or learning disabilities.

Marshall, C. R., Jones, A., Fastelli, A., Atkinson, J., Botting, N., & Morgan, G. (2017). Semantic fluency in deaf children who use spoken and signed language in comparison with hearing peers. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders. doi:10.1111/1460-6984.12333
Poster presented at AIP conference: Fastelli, A., Marshall C. R., Jones, A., Botting, N., & Morgan, G. (2016) Organizzazione lessicale e fluenza semantica in bambini sordi che usano il linguaggio verbale e dei segni, Vicenza 9-10 October
Poster presented at the conference 'L’approccio Neurocostruttivista: Riflessioni Teoriche, Metodologie di Ricerca e Implicazioni Cliniche ed Educative. Festshrift in honor of Annette Karmiloff-Smith': Fastelli, A., Arfé, B., Picchini, M., Mulatti, C. , (2017) Implicit Sequence Learning, Memoria Verbale e Linguaggio Orale in Bambini dai 5 agli 8 anni” Bologna, 9 June
Poster presented at the conference 'Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning ': Arfé, B., Fastelli, A., Mulatti, C., Scimemi, P., & Santarelli, R (2017)  Implicit Sequence learning and verbal rehearsal skills in hearing and cochlear implanted children , Bilbao, 28-30 June
- Poster presented at the  14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language:  Marshall, C. R., Jones, A., Fastelli, A., Botting, B., & Morgan, G. (2017)  Semantic fluency as a window onto lexical organisation and retrieval in deaf children who use spoken and signed language, Lyon, 17-21 July