Elisa Mancinelli

      Ritratto di Elisa Mancinelli

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXVII series 

Grant sponsor

Silvia Gabrielli & Ornella Mich 



Project description

The project regards the healthy-coping field and is part of the development of a broader multi-module and multi-level app aimed at providing psychoeducational contents (e.g., information of sleep, diet, etc.) as well as psychological support through Virtual Coaching Technologies (VCTs) to favor behavior change and well-being among women during the peri-natal period (i.e., both during pregnancy and the 2 years post-partum). Notably, the project foresees the design of specific modules aimed at supporting the well-being and mental health of women during their physiological pregnancy and that present moderate anxiety, stress, and/or depression symptoms, thereby preventing the development of clinically relevant psychological symptoms. Accordingly, through the Virtual Coach (VC) or Chatbot, tailored psychosocial interventions which protocols will be grounded on cognitive-behavioral techniques, as well as third generation cognitive-behavioral practices and interventions (e.g., Mindfulness-based techniques, Acceptance and Commitment practices, and Behavioral Activation practices) will be designed.