Donato Rita

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXIII series
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Massimo Nucci
Lamberto Ballan

Project description
My PhD project focuses on the study of the neural basis of visual form and motion processing by means of the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). TMS is a non-invasive technique that modulates the neural activity in the brain. In scientific research, TMS is used to establish a causal connection between specific brain activities and cognitive, perceptual processes. I will explore form and motion processing not only in simple features stimuli but also in more complex stimuli such as visual ensembles. Some studies attest that in the human visual system form and motion are independently analyzed, whereas other physiological and psychophysical evidence proves that the two pathways are not segregated but constantly interact to shape our perception of the external world. My aim is to provide evidence about the neural basis of motion and form encoding and their interaction .

Rita Donato, Andrey Chetverikov, Arni Kristjansson, Gianluca Campana (2018). Representing distributions of visual motion directions' Poster presentated at ‘The Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition’. November 18
Pavan, A., Ghin, F., Donato, R., Campana, G., & Mather, G. (2017). The neural basis of form and form-motion integration from static and dynamic translational Glass patterns: a rTMS investigation. NeuroImage, 157, 555-560.
Moret, B., Gorrieri, R., Lo Giudice, G., Veronese, A., Rizzo, R., Pavan, A., Donato, R., & Campana, G.  (2017) Boosting perceptual learning with transcranial random noise stimulation results in more effective visual function improvements in adults with amblyopia. Poster presented at 6th Mediterranean Neuroscience Society Conference 2017.