Daniele Ronzani

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXI series
Grant sponsor

Claudio Enrico Palazzi
Andrea Facoetti

Project description
My research project will go deeper into the context of wireless mobile ad-hoc networks, carefully investigating the peculiar issues, providing new tools and models to solve the problem of routing for MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) and, in particular, for DANETs (Drone Ad-hoc Networks), which assume a three-dimensional topology. To this end, first I need a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of the existing 3D routing protocols. Then, I intend to design and test (via simulations, analytical models and real testbed experiments) new protocols specifically intended for DANET scenarios. To this aim, I am going to take inspiration from recent advances in cognitive networking domain and design a routing algorithm endowing the nodes with the capability of determining the current network conditions (in terms of density, mobility, resources etc.) and adapt accordingly (e.g., by exploiting behaviors which recall the most appropriate protocol for those conditions). Finally, I would like to improve techniques to overcome the local minima problem in DANETs, exploiting backtracking (e.g, Depth First Search), triangulation (already mentioned in some studies) and methods that define a hull, which can be traveled by a packet to reach the destination node. I do not exclude the possibility of employing pro-active mechanisms, which, combined with location information, can provide the basis for a deeper understanding on the state of the network (or part of it), without increasing too much the communication overhead.