COADAPT project aims to adopt innovative technologies of AI and adaptive work system to support ageing workers outside and inside work environments such as industrial assembly lines contexts, Co-adapt includes three sub-projects, each targeting a specific professional group.
A smart shift scheduling tool and a personalized conversational agent will support workers’ general well-being and promote the adoption of best practices for healthy and active ageing. On the other hand, a set of adaptive features will be implemented in cutting-edge workstations equipped with collaborative robots.
Adaptability, flexibility, simplicity in use, physical and cognitive ergonomics, security and efficiency: these are the main features of robotic technologies for collaborative support (cobot) that is part of the adaptive assembly workstation (AAW) developed within the project.

 The ability of cobots to work continuously with the human colleague will be exploited through the integration of systems that allow cobots to adapt even to the psychophysical condition of the worker, in a continuous process of action- perception of stimuli- data processing- adaptation to him.
These working tools will be capable to recognize the user and to detect his level of stress and cognitive load, to adjust their functioning to the best support Interaction between and humans is configured as a continuous elaborating\synchronization process.
We teach the cobots and they help us.
Calibrating, according to need, cobots are equipped with simple and intuitive management software, configurable for the most disparate necessity and tasks.
These smart assistants allow humans to follow more creative and satisfying tasks, allowing us to express our potential in a better way.
Industries Cobotization will not endanger workplaces, indeed will increase productivity and the well-being and protection level of workers.
Industry 4.0 is spreading capillary worldwide, connecting institutions, enterprises, privates and all the actors of modern society. The automation process of the world is unrecoverable and actually cobot market is growing in a strong and promising way.

Are you ready for cobot revolution?
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Detailed project information
Project Start Date: 1st December 2018
Project End Date: 31st May 2022
Project Duration: 42 months
Project Coordinator: Prof. Giulio Jacucci, University of Helsinki (FI)
HIT Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini
HIT Members and Staff: Prof. Anna Spagnolli, dott. Patrik Pluchino, dott. Chiara Rossato
Project number: 826266
Call (part) identifier: H2020-SC1-DTH-2018-1
Total Project Funding: 3 993 616,25 €
Partners: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Human Inspired Technology Research Centre
(HIT - University of Padova), University of Trento, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Innovation
Sprint Sprl, Electrolux, BNP SRL., Idego, Etsimo.
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