Digitization of markets is a strong expansion phenomenon which, in line with European Digital Agenda 2020, aims to unify all the world’s markets in a unique interconnected and digitized set. 
From great opportunities arise also important responsibility, for that reason this project represents a real way to modify our conception of business and exchange of values.
Unknown to the wider public, this efficient technology certifies transactions exchanges of stocks and shares, operate as a notary and much more.
Blockchain technology is considered one of the greatest technological innovations in recent years, with a level of broadcasting potential equivalent to that of the Web. It represents a new paradigm of computation, capable of reconfiguring all human and business activities.
Important features of Blockchain include immutability of the register, traceability of transactions and high level of security based on cryptographic techniques.
 We can understand the potential of Blockchain in its possible use for recording and protecting digital documents or simply in the ability to authenticate their existence.
Blokchain is therefore a very complex system around which numerous galaxies orbit: today companies from all over the world use blockchain solutions. From bitcoin to criptovalute this innovative system protects our businesses and promotes the development of new unified and secure networks.
The goal of this project is to support Ifin Sistemi Srl in designing and developing secure solutions based on Blockchain technology.
Stay safe with blockchain solutions.
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Detailed Project Information
Project Start Date: 27th November 2017
Project Duration: 3 months
Project Coordinator:  Mauro Conti
Project number:  N/A
Total Project Funding: N/A
Partners:  N/A
Official website: N/A
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