Alvise DeBiasio

Ritratto Alvise DeBiasio

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXXVI series
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Nicolò Navarin
Anna Spagnolli

Project description
Classic economic theories see customers as rational beings whose decisions are based on reasoning. Modern marketing instead believes that the value perceived by the customer is strongly correlated to irrational, emotional and experiential elements. Entrepreneurs and managers, who understand the central role of the customer in the success of the business, invest large sums of money to better understand the buyer perspectives and build tailor-made Customer Journeys. This is done by engaging customers in new ways, integrating new features that take advantage of customers' emotions and expectations, or providing more responsive services. This project aims to study the dynamics of the Customer Experience by investigating the correlations between the behavior and personality of customers and the economic results of companies. This is done in order to define the best management strategies. Thanks to the growing number of contact points between businesses and customers, many companies have a wealth of unused, unstructured and unqualified data, with a great underestimated information content. These include personal data and payments, media channels, social media, worldwide events and emotional and behavioral information resulting from customer interaction with the company. We believe that it is possible to use all this information to suggest a win-win solution that will satisfy the desire of both parties, buyers and companies, to achieve a superior Customer Experience. In order to bring customers and companies closer together, we aim to build new AI algorithms capable of managing the impact of psychological aspects of customer behavior on corporate sales. This could lead to both operational and strategic advice on business processes and organizational models considering opportunities that were previously unknown by correlating information in a new way. We also hope to reduce the uncertainty margins of human interaction with business systems by supporting people with new technologies. In this way, it will be possible to achieve a superior Customer Experience that connects buyers and firms towards a sustainable economy driven by customer needs.