Alex Rizzato

Ritratto Alex Rizzato

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXV series
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Antonio Paoli
Alessandro Beghi


Project: Exercise protocols with unstable devices to enhance the efficiency of neuromuscular mechanisms in postural control
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Abstract: Posture and balance control are essential to safely achieve daily living activities and motor tasks in general. Unstable devices during training practice encompass large sections of the population. Currently, gymnastic balls are the most unstable devices used to implement training and rehabilitation strategies in functional and proprioceptive training programs. Gymnastic balls are used for improving athletic performance, recreational and rehabilitation purposes, and daily-living quality of life enhancement in people with specific necessities. Moreover, several information channels frequently suggest gymnastic ball sitting. However, it is hard to infer if an increase in muscle strength could be due to the daily use of the gymnastic ball. Research supporting and objectifying the use of gymnastic balls or other unstable devices (e.g., balance discs, wobble boars) in training practice is few and contradictory. Hence, considering state of the art and the variety of research regarding unstable devices and their use within the training programs, this three-year research project aimed to answer questions and gaps in the current research and point out openings for future investigation in the field. In detail, by applying surface electromyography, kinematic, and kinetic analysis techniques, this project aimed to deepen the role of unstable devices in response to exercise to enhance postural and neuro-muscular control mechanisms.