Alessio Porreca

Neuroscience, Technology, and Society, XXXIV series
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Alessandra Simonelli
Lamberto Ballan

Project description
Parenting refers to the ability to take care of someone else and requires the adult to be sensitive and responsive to the child’s cues. As such, it is primarily evaluated through the systematic observation of parenting behaviors enacted during everyday adult-child interactions, which play a fundamental role in child development. Difficult adult-child interactions are usually observed in at-risk situations and thus constitute one of the main targets of parenting interventions. Moreover, recent research in affective neuroscience suggests an implication of specific neurophysiological mechanisms in determining parenting behaviors. These same mechanisms have been found to be sensitive to parenting interventions as well. My research project aims to further explore the neurobehavioral mechanisms involved in parenting interventions, investigating how early and automatic neurophysiological processes, detected through Electroencephalography, could impact on behavioral changes observed after the application of treatment in typical, atypical, and psychopathological situations .