Installing automations requires complex procedures that rely on the mechanical and electrical competences of operators. Currently operators are assisted mainly by paper-based user manuals to carry out such procedures. 
The AIPAD project - Automatic Installation Process Analysis and Documentation – aims to innovate the installation processes of advanced automation systems. More specifically, the goal of the project is to maximize the effectiveness and the flexibility of the installation process by digitalizing the support materials (i.e., user manuals) to provide easy and constant access to information. The digital tool developed by the project not only will guide the operator along all the installation steps and help him to solve ambiguous situations, but it will also enable the operator to easily communicate with the customer care and provide a prompt feedback to improve the digital tool. 
To pursue these goals, the HIT team will observe how the installation processes unfold in the field and investigate the main issues operators have to face. The overall installation process will be analyzed to identify and extract the steps and sub-steps required. These data will inform the design of an app that will be developed to allow operators to easily access to the informative materials and to the company support network.  Additionally, the app will rely on a specific language devised ad hoc, i.e.,  IPDL Installation Process Definition Language, in which the words and the sentences represent, in multiple formats (i.e., texts, images, videos), the single actions needed to complete the installation. 
The HIT team will also be involved in the evaluation of the app, to ensure that the final design meets the usability standards and operators accept the tool in such a specific context of use.  
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Detailed project information
Title: AIPAD - Automatic Installation Process Analysis and Documentation
Project Start Date: 03/08/2019
Project End Date: 01/02/2021  
Project Duration: 18 months
Project Coordinator: Negropontelab Srl  
HIT Scientific Coordinator: prof. Luciano Gamberini 
HIT Members and Staff: Michele Mingardi
Call (part) identifier: Bando DGR n. 711 del 28 maggio 2019 - Asse 1 Azione 1.1.4  “Sostegno alle attività collaborative di R&S per lo sviluppo di nuove tecnologie sostenibili, di nuovi prodotti e servizi”
Total Project Funding: 374182€
Partners: BFT SpA, NegroponteLab Srl, Università Ca' Foscari, Solmec SpA
Official website: 


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