Giuseppe Sartori
Department of General Psychology

M-PSI/02 - Neuroscience

To offer an overview of machine earning applications to basic cognitive research.

Course contents:
Machine learning has recently been used to augment predictions of mental states on the basis of brain activation measured by fmri.
The course will be an introduction to these applications to basic cognitive research as well as clinical investigations of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

- introduction to cognitive neuroscience
- history of the mind-brain problem
- morphological brain imaging (MRI, VBM, DTI)
- functional brain imaging (fMRI, evoked potentials)
- cognitive neuroscience of language,attention and vision
- cognitive neuroscience of psychiatric disorders
- mind reading and its application in basic and clinical research (e.g. vegetative states)
- machine learning and mind reading

Course requirements:
Attendance of Elements of Cognitive Neuroscience Part A and Part B

Examination and grading (if foreseen):
The student should develop a machine learning analysis of an experiment of choice selected from here:

for data set, look here:

10 May 2016, 9:00-18:00, HIT via Luzzatti 4

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