800 VR

     Detailed project informationTitle: 800VR
     Project Coordinator: Prof. Luciano Gamberini 
     HIT Scientific Coordinator: prof. Luciano Gamberini

800VR project aims to make the viewer live the history of the University of Padua, thanks to the immersive narration of 360° cinema. On the 800th anniversary of the University of Padua, the 360° movie will explore the places, scientific discoveries, and major achievements that characterize this historic Athenaeum, the second oldest in Italy. 

The project involves the development of a VR movie theatre. There, the audience will wear a headset and live a unique and engaging experience, being immersed in the narration, and taking a journey through time and space. The viewers will explore several events and sites where the history of this University has been written, experiencing different places as if they were really there. In the 800VR, viewers become an active part of the narration, choosing where to direct his/her attention and becoming actual protagonists of the story. 

The 800VR offers the possibility to get in touch with the University's cultural identity through VR technology and share in real-time one’s own experience with other people in a collective dimension thanks to a synchronous interconnected system. 

To realize this experience, various stakeholders will be involved in, including from cinematographers and historians to experts of HCI and VE designers. In addition, viewers will be engaged in the design and evaluation phases of this innovative product, to consider their preferences and desires and create a pleasant and exciting experience. 

Explore the past by experiencing the future.

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