Security and privacy issues in novel technologies

Mauro Conti
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Padua

The course will provide an introduction to a selection of research topics in privacy and security in novel technologies. The course is relevant to BMCS for both computer science aspect and human behaviour: human perception, understanding, and behaviour about privacy and security significantly influence usage of new technologies, as well as their actual security and privacy.

The course is based on recent research results concerning practical security and privacy issues related to modern and future technologies, including: On Line Social Networks (focusing in particular on the issue of fake profiles, de-anonymization, and privacy awareness), Mobile Devices (focusing on aspects related to security enforcement and user authentication), Mobile Cloud Computing (focusing on both security and privacy), and Future Internet Architectures (such as Content Centric Networks and Software Defined Networks).

Course requirements 
Basic notions of Networking and Security are desirable, but not strictly needed.

Examination modality

Course material, enrollment and last minute notifications 
Made available by the teacher at this Moodle address

to be announced

HIT Meeting Room, via Luzzatti 4

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