The project focuses on the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with the objective of developing new paradigms concerning the symbiotic interaction and investigating the user’s experience of multimodal wearable systems.
Particular attention is turn to vibrotactile wearable devices and the possible scenarios for the application of these emerging technologies.
Some possible future development are explored by studying the interplay between smart systems for sensing and feedback distributed in the environment (including the nature of the environmental and the contextual intelligence), in the wearable technologies and in everyday objects.
The behavioral and social aspects of interaction with systems of this nature will be the focus of a series of experimental studies that will have the objective of evaluating the user’s experience, the acceptance, and the actual efficiency of these systems in different contexts of application.

The main aim of the proposed project is to observe how the adaptive technologies and symbiotic ICT-based systems change the way we behave and how this information can be used to (re)designing the technologies in more sustainable and profitable way for people.
The interactions with complex systems will be analyzed in different areas: tourism (access to artistic and cultural heritage, navigation), shopping (retail future scenario), telepresence, innovative industrial automation, video gaming.
In particular it aims to describe aspects of the interaction person-experiential technology in different scenarios in order to understand how they affect the our choices about the products, the way of interaction, the correct choices for the design of new products.
The development of new data collection methodologies, when the variables are not easily controlled, will allow to face the challenges related to the design of new interactive systems with the aim of being more ecological.

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Project Start Date:  2016
Project Coordinator: Prof. Anna Spagnolli
Working Group: Nedves Marta & Freuli Francesca
Partners: Aalborg University