BMCS Courses in 2017-18

Courses in 2017-18

Course list (TABLE)

[M] Cognitive science: methodological foundations and statistics
[M] Foundations of cognitive neuroscience
[M] Methods and techniques in cognitive neuroscience
[M] Human-computer interaction
[M] How to write and present scientific results
[M] Tools and applications of machine learning
[M] Scenarios of Internet of things

[OV] Online games
[OV] Security and privacy issues in novel technologies
[OV] Topics in machine learning
[OV] Psychology and e-health
[OV] Principles of cloud computing
[OV] Mobile crowd sensing and computing
[OV] Brain and cognitive reserve: a development perspective
[OV] Models and languages for concurrency
[OV] Brain and mind reading: the application of machine learning to cognitive neuroscience
[OV] Introduction to program verification

[OP] Computer-assisted research A
[OP] Computer-assisted research B: Advanced presentation tools
[OP] MatLab PsychoToolBox
[OP] Enterpreneurship
[OP] How to become a successful grant hunter

 (M = Mandatory, OV = Optional Vertical Theme, OP = Optional Professional Skills)

The offer is completed by a talk series on "Interdisciplinary case studies" and the English tests.

Attendance is acknowledged to students present at least 75% of the course hours. Attendance in a course similar to one already attended the previous year cannot be claimed within the 150hrs.

Non-BMCS courses
In order to be consider within the 150 hours, a non-BMCS course must:
- be approved in advance in writing (e.g. by email) by your supervisor, unless they are part of the doctoral school in psychology (max 2), mathematics or Information Engineering.
- not overlap in time with mandatory ones offers by BMCS
- not overlap in content with those offered by BMCS. (For instance, additional courses related to presenting or writing scientific papers will not be counted within the 150 hours since BMCS already offers a mandatory one on this subject.)
Each course will count for a number of hours no longer than the maximum length of a BMCS optional course (6 hours). If the course is longer, only 6 hours will be considered in fulfillment of your 150 mandatory hours.
After attending a non-BMCS course, to claim it within the 150hrs, you need to have this form signed by the teacher and forwarded to Vittorio Principe.
English for Doctoral students (CLA) and CARS seminars (Dept of General Psychology) cannot be clained within the 150 hrs

Course enrollment
To enroll in any class please access that course on the Moodle platform; this will also allow you to be reached by the teacher for last minute communication and to access the course material. If you are a UNIPD PhD student of another doctoral program interested in taking a BMCS class, please contact the teacher well in advance.