Dinh Tran Van

Computer Science and Innovation for Societal Challenges, XXX series
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BioInfogen project

Alessandro Sperduti

Franca Stablum

Project Description
Bioinformatics for Personal Genomics (BioInfogen) is a project which was established since 2012 and is funded by Padova University.
Recently, the sequencing technology has been advanced at a very fast rate, the ability to exploit the emerging opportunities is far behind, limited by our ability to make sense of the data. Therefore, in BioInfogen project, we aim to contribute to this field of research, in particular to the problem of understanding the molecular basis of genetic diseases by means of whole genome analysis.
BioInfogen includes four research units: Biology, Informatics, Pediatrics, and Medicine. I am involved in Informatics unit of this project. The contribution of this unit is mainly on the development of innovative Kernel Methods, which constitute a state-of-the-art approach for many relevant learning tasks such as clustering, classsification, and prediction of functional relations for bioinformatics applications. Specifically, this research pursues three general objectives, i.e, the development of innovative methods for learning:
from raw data only ( mainly support for the exploratory modality); by using a priori knowledge, such as ontologies ( mainly support for the assessment of target hypothesis);
the systemic relationship within a system biology framework ( mainly support for a better understanding of complex biological functions and/or organisms).